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This is a community for Ingram Hill LiveJournal Icons. Because most Icon communities are rather annoying, we have a few rules you must follow, unless you want your post to be deleted.

1. You may ONLY post Ingram Hill icons in this community.
2. A few icons may be placed in the general text of your entry, but post no more than four. The rest must be under a lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, check the help section.
3. Profanity is okay. If you don't like it; don't join. However, if you are going to have swear words or inappropriate material on any icon, make sure it's behind a lj-cut.
4. For the time being, posts requesting icons are acceptable. Once we have more members, though, this may no longer be allowed.
5. Be nice. Don't insult people's icons.

Most importantly, make sure you credit whomever's icon you are using. If you are the one posting icons, make sure you tell people who to credit.

Other than that...have fun, do whatever you want, and make some lovely Ingram Hill icons.\

Ingram Hill Are Rockin' Love